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Kenya: Ruto vows to route out Al Shabaab from the region

Nairobi April 30, 2023 (SD) -Kenyan President William Ruto has announced that his government is currently looking to eliminate the Al-Shabaab group operating in Somalia, describing them as a terrorist group that poses a threat to peace in the Horn of Africa.

In collaboration with the African Union Mission in Somalia (ATMIS), Ruto revealed that the Somali Armed Forces are fighting fiercely against the Al-Shabaab group, aiming to eliminate their presence in the region.

He emphasized that Kenya supports the efforts to stabilize Somalia and turn it into a peaceful country and that his government is determined to pursue and neutralize any threat posed by the Al-Shabaab group.

The Kenyan government has called on the federal and state governments of Somalia to join forces in the fight against terrorism, promising to provide support and resources to ensure the success of the joint operations.

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