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Somalia Losses to Algeria 2-0

Algiers April 30, 2023 (SD) – Today, the under-17 national football teams of Somalia and Algeria faced each other in their first match of the African Nations Championship held in Algeria.

Algeria won the match after scoring two goals against Somalia. The match was held at Nelson Mandela Stadium in the city of Algiers, and although Somalia put up a good fight, they were unable to score any goals.

The players who performed well for Somalia were Abdi Asia Bahur, Abdulkadir Marshale, and Juuma.

Despite having missed many opportunities to score, Somalia showed a lot of potential in the match. Algeria has a long history of football success, and they have produced many skilled players who are well-known around the world.

Somalia will play two more matches in the tournament, and if they can improve their performance, they may have a chance of winning against the Congo team in their next match on Tuesday.

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