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Kenyan delegation in Somalia for Kat talks

Mogadishu (SD) – The Kenyan government’s delegation has spoken about the recent meetings in Mogadishu with the federal government of Somalia.

Kenya’s permanent foreign affairs secretary Macharia Kamau has ruled out Kat being the main agenda of the Mogadishu meeting, which has been banned in recent times.

Macharia said the meeting between the two sides was aimed at strengthening ties between the two countries, including the flow of people, which the two governments have been discussing for a long time, he said.

“Great opportunities for bilateral and regional cooperation and trade exist between Kenya and Somalia. As Somalia makes significant progress in business, economic and social development. Security and other historical challenges, though real, must not be allowed to stand in our way” said Kamau.

The Kenyan government has said it will seek to resolve the Kat ban issue. Telling the country’s farmers that it will open dialogue with Somali government.

Kenyan Kat traders are reportedly losing five billion Kenyan shillings a day, which could lead to a complete collapse of the country’s Kat trade.

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