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Somalia: Presidential Candidates Oppose Nomination of Electoral Commission

Mogadishu (SD) – Twelve candidates in Somalia’s 2020/2021 general elections have issued a statement threatening not to run in this year’s elections if they are to be rigged.

The presidential candidates warned of political and security turmoil, adding that the state and federal election commissions had been corrupted by the offices of the president, prime minister and security services.

“Candidates have discussed in depth the fear that the country will fall into a power and constitutional vacuum that could lead to the destruction of the country’s public infrastructure if the country’s general elections are not held in accordance with the 2020/2021 Indirect Electoral System Agreement reached by the Heads of the Federal and State Governments and adopted by the Federal Parliament of Somalia on September 26, 2020 to ensure the implementation and management of a transparent and agreed upon election process and procedures, ”the candidates’ statement said.

Candidates also said members of the committee are made up of supporters of President Farmajo and members of NISA command.

Candidates have called the appointment of the disputed northern regional election commission by the prime minister, illegal.

The presidential candidates have in their statement claimed that Chairman Abdi Hashi has the full legitimacy for appointing the Northern Electoral Commission, and have called for a 2016 process.

List of Presidential Candidates of the Federal Government of Somalia

  1. The 7th President, Mr. Sharif Sheikh Ahmed
  2. The 8th President, HE Hassan Sheikh Mohamud
  3. Former Prime Minister, Hassan Ali Kheyre
  4. Former President of DGKG, Mr. Sharif Hassan Sheikh Aden
  5. Former President of DG Galmudug, Mr. Abdikarim Hussein Guled
  6. Prof. Mohamed Abdi Mohamed (Gandi)
  7. Xil. Abdulkadir Cosoble Ali
  8. Ambassador Dahir Mohamud Geele
  9. Former Minister, Mr. Abdirahman Abdishakur
  10. Mr. Abdinasir Abdulle Mohamed
  11. Xil. Mustaf Sheikh Ali Dhuhulow
  12. Mr. Mohamed Abdirahman (Siiriin)

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