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Khat banned in Galmudug

Galgaduud January 25, 2023 (SD) – -The Security Ministry of the Galmudug regional government has issued a statement banning the use or transportation of Khat (Jaad in Somali) in areas where operations against Al-Shabaab are taking place.

The statement from the Galmudug Security Ministry stated that the use of Khat is hindering the ongoing operations against Al-Shabaab in areas and towns within Galmudug region.

The Ministry has issued a warning to merchants, drivers, and anyone involved in the distribution of Khat in areas such as Xarardheere, Ceel dheer, Galcad, and surrounding areas where the operations are taking place.

The ban on Khat in areas where operations against Al-Shabaab are taking place comes after recent attacks by Al-Shabaab in Galcad town and other areas resulting in the deaths of many soldiers and officers.

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