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Laascaanood conflict takes a toll on Somaliland markets

April 18, 2023 (SD) – The economic impact of the conflict in Laascaanood has been felt in Somaliland, just as the unrecognized country was preparing to celebrate Eid al-Fitr.

Several small businesses in the towns of Burao and Hargeisa, known for their trade with Laascaanood and beyond told Bulsho TV they have been hit hard by the unrest.

“We’ve not seen many people from Las Anod this year, they used to come and buy clothes, but now they’re gone,” said one livestock trader, speaking to Bulsho TV.

Particularly, the market in Burao, which used to attract many customers from Laascaanood, has been largely empty in recent days as people have fled the fighting.

“We’ve lost a lot of customers who used to buy our products, but we’re also concerned about the violence,” said another trader.

After the conflict erupted in Laascaanood, many people fled the city, leading to a drop in business and prompting traders to look to other markets.

Meanwhile, the SSC leadership Banned businessmen from Puntland and other regions of Somalia to abandon a planned trade missions to Somaliland adding they could not guarantee their safety.

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