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Laftagareen: the Parliament extended my term

Baidoa December 20, 2022 (SD) – The outgoing president of the South West State Abdiasis Laftagareen, today said he did not ask for his recent one-year term extension.

Speaking at his government’s 4th-anniversary celebration in Baidoa, the regional president blamed the extension on the Parliament.

While addressing candidates and politicians of the South West who opposed his extension, Laftagareen said the opposition should direct their efforts towards liberating the Al Shabaab-controlled regions of the State.

He said that his administration has done a lot in improving security, the economy, drought relief, health, and education, during the four years he was in office.

The Speaker of the Somali Parliament, Sheikh Adan Madobe, is currently in Baidoa to resolve the South West elections dispute.

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