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U.S. MG Jami Shawley: I visited the Somaliland region of Somalia

Berbera December 20, 2022 (SD) – The commander of the US forces in the Horn of Africa and Yemen, General Jami Shawley, today visited Berbera port in Somaliland.

The Commanders of the Somaliland Armed Forces and the Coast Guard Nuh Tani and Ahmed Hurre Hariye received the delegation at the port of Berbera.

Gen Jami posted on Twitter that she had a great visit recently to the Somaliland region of Somalia, where her team assessed the Berbera port’s capacity for future deliveries of humanitarian assistance.

Gen. Jami’s statement contradicts the claim of the outgoing President Muse Bihi who said that the United States will deal with Somaliland as an independent state.

The trip comes at a time when the US Congress recently approved the military budget bill which instructs the U.S. defense department to deal with the government of Somalia and other regional administrations including Somaliland.

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