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Madobe warns Somalia risks instability and division following Farmajo’s term extension

MOGADISHU (SD) – Jubbaland President Ahmed Madobe has warned that Somalia could plunge into instability amid a flurry of activity in Mogadishu as relations between the opposition and the federal government worsen by the day.

In a meeting with the civil society and traditional elders, Madobe opposed the move by the Lower House of the Federal Parliament to extend the term of president Mohamed Farmaajo.

“If people failed to stop Farmaajo from what he is doing now, he will steer the country into a dangerous path,” Madobe said. He warned that the situation in Mogadishu was fast deteriorating.

Last Monday, Somalia’s lower house of parliament voted to extend the president’s mandate after months of deadlock over the holding of elections in the fragile nation.

Lower House speaker Mohamed Mursal Sheikh Abdurahman said 149 lawmakers voted for the proposal on Monday, one rejected it and three abstained.

Mursal said the measure would allow the country to prepare for direct elections.

The move to extend the mandate of the government was condemned by UK, EU and US. In separate statements, the trio said they will consider reassessing bilateral relations with Somalia.

They also hinted possible sanctions and review of support to Somalia.

EU which is a key supporter of Somalia’s reconstruction process also warned that the move by the Lower House to extend the term of the president was a threat to the country’s stability and could cause divisions in the country.

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