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Somaliland: NEC Assigns electoral logo numbers to Candidates and parties

Hargeisa (SD) – The National Electoral Commission (NEC) yesterday issued the numbers that will represent the candidates for the House of Representatives and local councils in the upcoming election.

These numbers will be the symbols of the candidates and it will also identify each party with a designated numbers.

Candidates for the House of Representatives of the national parties will have 60 symbols and each party has 20 symbols.

The three national parties will distribute these 20 symbols to each of their candidates in the six major constituencies in each region.

The UCID party was given the numbers starting with 101 while the Kulmiye party was given the numbers starting with 201 and the Wadani party got the numbers starting from 301.

The long delayed Parliamentary and local council elections are set to take place in Somaliland on May 31 of this year.

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