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Mandera gives Kenya gov’t 48 hour ultimatum to kick Janan out

NAIROBI (SD) – Hundreds of Mandera residents have given Kenyan authorities 48 hour ultimatum to kick Jubbaland forces out of the town, failure of which they vowed to storm the bases of the forces.

Locals who have been protesting since Tuesday against presence of Jubaland forces in the town have expressed concern over possible war that could spill into the border town.

Politicians who addressed the demonstrators have also confirmed that Jubaland security forces still holed up in the county.

“Jubaland forces led by Abdirashid Janan are still remaining in Mandera and this is threat to the security of this town. We will not accept our town to be battlefield,” said Ali Warsame, a member of county assembly.


Habon Mohamed Mukhtar, a mother who lives in the town called on Kenya government to remove the ‘militias’ from Mandera saying the presence of Janan in the town could be catalyst for possible fighting between Kenya and Somali Forces.

The locals also confirmed that arrival and the mobilations of Jubbaland forces into the town.

Mohamed Osman Ali who lives in Bula-Barwako said forces led by Janan got reinforcement from Kismayo town.

“We saw more than 30 military trucks arriving in the camp, the number of soldiers increased and even we saw them extending their bases,” he said.

Souring relationship

The development comes amid the diplomatic raw between Kenya and Somalia heated after Somalia cut ties with Kenya.

Somalia sought intervention of IGAD and accused Kenya of deploying militias at the border with Somalia in order to attack Beled-Hawa town.

Tension has been building up in the border towns (Mandera and Beled-Hawa) since last week after both government reportedly mobilised troops at the border.

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