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Melitas Attack Borama Mayor’s Residence

Borama (SD) – The mayor of Borama, Saleban Hassan Hadi, spoke of an attack at one of his residence in the city last night, which he characterized as an attempted assassination.

Mayor Suleiman said that the unidentified gunmen attacked his house last night, opening gunfire on the front wall and at his bedroom wall.

The mayor said that his bodyguards were able to beat back the gunmen who attacked his home and thwarted their plans to kill him and his Family.

The mayor also said no one was injured in the heavy gunfire exchanges between the assailants and his security guards at one of his residence in Borama.

Mr. Saleban said Authorities are investigating the attack, adding that it is not yet known the motive of the attack on his home, but he will share the results of investigations with security agencies.
The mayor made it clear that the attacks will not scare him nor will the make him stop all the good public service he is providing to the city’s residents

Although Mayor Saleban did not say who the attackers were, but according to sources, the gunmen who attacked the mayor’s home last year are from one of two warring tribes who recently fought in Borama over land dispute.

According to sources, the gunmen feel the mayor of Borama sided with the opposing tribe in the farmland dispute, east of the city.

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