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Military courts sentences accused Al Shabaab killers to death

Mogadishu December 14, 2022 (SD) – The Somali military court sentenced a former army officer who was accused of assisting Al Shabaab in an attack on the Adan airport in 2018.

Mohamed Abdulle Nur Abkow is said to have been secretly working with Al Shabaab since 2017 and smuggled in armed men who attacked the airport last March.

The court sentenced the former officer to death after he confessed to the crimes he was charged with.

On the other hand, a military court in Puntland also sentenced two men to death for the murder of traditional leader Abdiqani Hassan Wallore.

Abukar Abdi Abdirahman and Salad Mohamed Abdi confused to killing the deceased and being members of Al Shabaab.

The two men killed the elder in front of a mosque in Galkayo last June.

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