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The U.S. Donates Additional Millions to Somalia

Washington December 15, 2022 (SD) The United States today announced that it will provide Somalia with additional financial assistance to prevent widespread famine in the war-torn country.

USAID has donated an additional $411 million to Somalia’s drought relief efforts, according to USAID Director Samantha Power.

“The United States has acted early and aggressively to respond to the drought in Somalia and the region in an attempt to avert Famine. To continue meeting urgent needs, I am announcing an additional $411 million in new USAID funding for the people of Somalia, bringing total U.S. assistance to approximately $1.3 billion this year. This represents more than two-thirds of all humanitarian funding to Somalia to date in 2022, and we call on other donors to make additional contributions as soon as possible.: said a USAID Press release.

The director made the announcement at the humanitarian community’s independent Famine Review Committee, where it is still anticipated that 6.7 Million Somalis could face a disastrous famine due to persistent droughts unless the world acts swiftly.  

Samantha Power added though lots of efforts have been made to stop widespread famine in Somalia, the threat still looms over many in the horn of Africa. The United States has previously donated 1.3 Billion dollars to Somalia to fight the drought.

“The Famine Review Committee’s findings arrive as sustained drought continues to leave approximately 6.7 million people in Somalia facing conditions of grave hunger. The drought – already much longer than what occurred in 2011, with millions more people facing crisis levels of hunger – is poised to drag on, with the fifth failed rainy season likely extending suffering well into next year. Putin’s invasion of Ukraine continues to drive up the cost of food, fertilizer, and fuel. And as the climate crisis intensifies the drought and flooding that destroy farmland, the number of people suffering from extreme hunger beyond the Horn is only set to rise.” said a USAID Press release.

The United Nations Famine Review Committee said this week that the drought in Somalia has not reached the level of famine.

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