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Minister Bihi to UK Investors: Somalia is ready for Business

LONDON (SD) -Minister of Finance of the Federal Government of Somalia, Bihi Egeh, currently in London, United Kingdom, has chaired the International Somali Investment Conference hosted by the UK Government.

Minister of Finance of Somalia, Bihi Egeh, who inaugurated the conference, conveyed to UK businesses and investors that Somalia is ready for global economic engagement in various sectors, including agriculture, and Fisheries.

The Minister of Finance of Somalia also discussed the progress made by the Federal Government of Somalia in implementing financial reforms and advancing the economic development of the country.

Minister Bihi highlighted the importance of seizing opportunities for UK businesses and investors to engage in Somalia’s economy following the recent improvements in Somalia’s debt relief framework.

The Minister of Finance of Somalia is part of the Somali government delegation currently in London participating in The Global Food Security Summit, engaging in meetings with UK government officials and other financial institutions during the conference.

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