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Somalia’s International Partners concerned about the tensions in Garowe

GAROWE (SD) – A press release from the international community’s representatives in Somalia has expressed deep concern over the escalating tensions in the city of Garowe, which involves opposition forces and the administration of President Deni.

“International partners* are concerned about the risk of higher tensions, including the current mobilization of forces, in Garowe. The presence of these forces is intimidating civilians and has led to the closure of schools.” the statement said.

The press release further emphasized the need for urgent de-escalation in Garowe and called for swift and constructive dialogue between the conflicting parties to resolve the situation.

“There is no justification for violence or the threat of force. Grievances should be addressed peacefully and through dialogue. We call on all parties to resolve their differences through peaceful means.”

“International partners remain committed to supporting Somalia and the Somali people in building the foundation for a peaceful and prosperous society. We are monitoring the situation closely and are calling for the immediate de-escalation of tensions and urgent talks by political and other local leaders.” the statement concluded.

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