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Minister Deeqa: The sexual offenses law is the federal government’s, not the Ministry

Mogadishu (SD) – Somalia’s Minister of Women and Human Rights, Ms. Deeqa Yasin, spoke for the first time in detail about the controversial sex law in Parliament.

In an exclusive interview with Shabelle TV, Minister Deeqa described the various stages of the law, including its introduction in 2018.

“As a ministry, we have nothing to do with this law. In August this year, I heard in the House of Representatives that a sex law was introduced to parliament and was rejected MPs, but I say that the sex law is not a law that we brought to the House.” said the Somali government’s minister for women.

She added that the law has been politicized by people with political interests “The sex law has been politicized. I leave those who have politicized it to God.”

“This law is not the ministry’s, the sexual offenses law is the federal government’s.” she added.

The Minster’s clarification comes amid a heated debate over the sex bill, which is said to be anti-Islamic, and has been strongly opposed by the speaker of parliament, MPs and most Somali clerics.

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