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Ministry of Information responds to media scandal spread on social media

Mogadishu (SD) – Somali’s Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism, Mohamed Abdi Heir Mareye has responded to media scandal spreading on social media for the past one week.

On April 11th 2020, the Ministry of information issued an advertisement of female journalist position for the state television with certain visual, height and weight requirement.

In a statement issued today by the Ministry of Information declared the letter was propaganda and defaming the integrity of the minister, adding that the letter was misrepresented and was not an official letter.

The advertisement shocked and caught the attention of the public, forcing the ministry to remove the controversial requirements in the job posting. Various accusations have been made against the Ministry of Information officials, including the minister of information.

On the other hand, this communiqué has stated that action has been taken against the person who published the letter.

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