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Mogadishu journos say they’re barred covering Northern parliamentary elections

MOGADISHU (SD) – Some journalists in Mogadishu say they have not been allowed to cover the country’s ongoing Northern parliamentary elections.

The journalist said they were allowed to cover at the start of the Northern regions’ parliamentary elections in Mogadishu, but are now barred.

In the last three elections held at the General Kahiye Police Academy, the media was not allowed to report on the election of some of the seats of the Northern Regions.

Journalists who spoke to the media criticized the way the media was being treated and warned against using fake videos.

Journalists have appealed to the Prime Minister of the Federal Government of Somalia Mohamed Hussein Roble as he is in charge of the Northern Regions elections in Mogadishu.

The journalists’ complaint comes at a time when the Northern Regions election of the 11th Parliament is in full swing, with 31 seats elected and 15 seats up for grabs, which are set to conclude before the February 25 deadline.

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