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Puntland forces conduct operations against Al-Shabaab.

BOSSASO (SD) – The Commander of the Golis Puntland Defense Forces, General Said Nur Shire and other officers conducted operations in villages under Bari and Sanaag regions including Milho, Qow, Miciga & Durduri.

Troops and all types of combat vehicles carried out the special operations in areas where Al-Shabaab members are said to be hiding.

Residents of Milho in the mountains of Calmadow in Sanaag region told the Commander that they had defended themselves against Al-Shabaab and thanked the Puntland Defense Forces for reaching there immediately.

Officials said the operation was well-planned and designed to push Al-Shabaab out of the area, adding they would double their operations against Al-Shabaab in Puntland.

Al-Shabaab have not commented on Puntland forces’ operations in the area.

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