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Mohamed BK quits singing

Hargeisa (SD) – Famous Somali singer Mohamed Said Abdi Bk has announced that he has stopped performing and recording songs.

Mohamed Said Abdi Bk announced last week that he will retire from the arts, announcing that he has resigned from his long-running arts career for the sake of Allah.

“Leaving the arts is not something that I was forced to do, it is not something that my relatives are forced me to do, and no one else is putting pressure on me, It was a decision I made for the sake of God. I wanted to stop singings in 2015, but I always thought to make sure not go back to it later.” BK on a social media interview.

Singer BK also said that Somali arts do not make money from their craft and said it is similar to piracy, but he said one can get famous by singing.

“To the public and my fans, I say don’t stay behind, but follow me on this blessed path, to my friends in the art community, I say this is the right way to go, “said Mohamed Said Bk.

Maxamed BK oo si rasmi ah ugu dhawaaqay in uu fankii soo gabagabeeyay. - Ogaden24 | Ogaden24

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