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Mortars hit Villa Somalia and the residency of the Minister of Petroleum

Mogadishu April 09, 2023 (SD) – Several casualties and injuries have been reported following a mortar attack in the early hours of today in the Warta-Nabada district and the vicinity of the Somali Presidential Palace.

The mortars targeted government officials in the vicinity of Villa Somalia, including the Minister of Public Works residency, Abdullahi Sheikh Abas, were among those killed.

Others who sustained injuries include Ahmed Abdullahi Muumin, who was the Deputy Director of the Presidential Palace, and two others identified as Mahad Aadan Boorow and Muuse Cadde.

The attack on the Minister’s residence was followed by an attack on the nearby Villa Rays Hotel, resulting in multiple casualties and damage.

Three people were also injured in an attack on a house near the 15 May School in the Warta- Nabada district.

The Somali Police Force is still investigating the attack carried out by the young men today in different parts of Mogadishu.

The group responsible for the attack is believed to be Al-Shabaab, although no official statement has been released yet.

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