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SSC- Khatumo has officially banns trading with Somaliland

Las Anod April 09, 2023 (SD) – The 33-member committee of SSC-KHAATUMO has issued a strong statement today regarding the trade embargo imposed on Somaliland business and other regions of Somalia, with the first target being the SSC region.

Members of the SSC committee, who held a presser in Laascaanood, stated that they have placed the trade embargo on Somaliland in all SSC regions, effective April 15th.

“Effective April 15, 2023, the SSC-KHAATUMO administration has lifted the trade embargo on all trade between Somaliland and the SSC region. We call on all traders to take advantage of the six-month period that has been given,” the statement said.

The committee said that the decision was made due to the the ongoing destruction of the general and civilian infrastructure of the city of Laascaanood.

The committee also banned any Somaliland government agencies providing humanitarian aid including those from Hargeisa, Burao, Berbera, Gabiley, and Borama.

This decision is likely to have significant economic repercussions, as SSC regions are a major trading partner for Somaliland and other regions in Somalia. However, the committee members stated that they are prepared to bear the short-term economic costs in the pursuit of their long-term political and economic interests.

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