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Nawad Hassan, First female to run for mayor of Hargeisa

Hargeisa (SD) – Nawad Hassan, a young woman, announced her candidacy for the Hargeisa City Council, adding and if she wins, she wants to run the mayor of Hargeisa.

Mayors in Somaliland are elected by the councilors and not by the public, a source of an on going political discourse in local elections.

“As a citizen, I Nawad Hassan, hereby announce that I am officially announcing my decision to run for the Hargeisa City Council.” Nawad said in a released statement.

As to what her reasons for running in a male dominated arena she said “I am ready to contribute to the development of our capital. I ask every citizen and resident of the capital to support me and vote for me to join the City Council.”

She spoke about the need for her to run for office “My desire is to address the beauty, development of the capital and our basic needs, in order to achieve it, and my ambition is to be a member of the City Council, and to be the Mayor of the capital Hargeisa. I hope you will support me and vote for me. “

This is the first time that a woman has run for mayor of Hargeisa, her announcement has become a hot topic on social media in Somaliland.

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