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New controversial 66 MPs Sworn-in Garowe

GAROWE (SD) -The new members of the Puntland Parliament, including representatives from SSC-Khatumo took their oath at their headquarters in Garowe, which was attended by members of the Conflict Resolution Committee and other officials.

Following the swearing-in, Hassan Abdalla Hassan, a former mayor of Bossaso, was selected to be the interim Chairman of the Puntland Parliament.

The President of Puntland, Mr. Said Abdullahi Deni, has congratulated the newly sworn-in members of the 6th Parliament of the Puntland Government and the recently elected interim Speaker.

The President expressed his hope that the 6th Parliament will fulfill their responsibilities diligently, including participating in the upcoming elections for the Speaker of the House of Representatives, the President, and the Vice President.

Additionally, some opposition presidential candidates attended a special meeting in Garowe, where they rejected the list of newly sworn-in members.

The opposition candidates claimed that the new MPs were not legitimate, and they asserted that they would not recognize these members and would not participate in the elections.

The news from the opposition suggests growing political tensions in Puntland, with opposition figures expressing dissatisfaction with the recent developments and questioning the legitimacy of the sworn-in members.

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