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President Hassan: Ethiopia has violated the sovereignty of the Federal Republic of Somalia

MOGADISHU (SD) The President of the Republic of Somalia, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, delivered a speech to a joint session of the Parliament, addressing Ethiopia’s interference in the internal affairs of the country, following the recent agreement with Somaliland.

The President stated that the two countries [Somalia & Ethiopia] have been neighbors for many centuries, sharing a long history marked by conflict and cooperation.

He emphasized that the recent agreement between Somaliland and Ethiopia has violated the sovereignty of the Federal Republic of Somalia, adding that the extremist elements would exploit such situations for their benefit.

President Mohamud also called on the Somali people to unite in defending the unity of the nation and the integrity of the state. He warned against the negative consequences of divisive ideologies and urged the public to actively contribute to preserving the country’s national unity and security.

The President’s address comes hours after Ethiopia announced that the Somaliland administration had signed a controversial and legally questionable agreement that suggests the establishment of a naval base on the shores of the Federal Republic of Somalia.

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