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NISA: Al Shabab names interim leader

Mogadishu (SD) – Al-Shabab has appointed an interim leader after their former leader Ahmed Dirie fell ill, according to Somali Federal Government.

A brief statement from Somalia’s National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA) on Twitter claimed that Al-Shabab’s leadership had been handed over to Abukar Adan, Ahmed Dirie’s deputy.

NISA also said there was a fierce competition for the appointment of a new al-Shabaab leader, pointing out that they are competing with Mahad Karate and Ahmed Dirie.

There are no independent sources confirming that al-Shabaab has elected an interim leader, other than reports from the Somali intelligence service.

The Somali Security Agency has previously said that al-Shabaab leader Ahmed Dirie removed Mahad Karate and Bashir Qoorgaab from their roles and the organization’s executive council, due to their objections to Mogadishu bombings.

Previous Somali intelligence service claims remain controversial and unsubstantiated.

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