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Somaliland to Control Open Telecommunication Business Competition

Hargeisa (SD) – The government of Somaliland has addresses the competition of the country’s telecommunications companies, but does not approve of open competition, will issue rules to control it.

The government also said it was working on a plan to have telecommunications customers to call each other.

Minister of Posts, Telecommunications and Technology of Somaliland Dr. Abdiweli Sheikh Abdullahi Sufi Jibril, who spoke to the Horn of Africa newspaper, also spoke about the government’s plans to have its own area code.

“Telecommunication companies’ competition is good for customers, but again competition needs to have rules, and open competition always needs to be controlled, and now we are working on their rules, so that the competition can be fair.” Said Minister Jibril.

Speaking about the Ministry’s plans for the telecommunications companies to be able to call each other’s mobiles he said, “Telecommunication companies are not able to call each other now. To have them call each other is essential. Talks are going on and there are challenges, which we have mostly solved.”

Commenting on the Ministry’s plan for Internet and Technology, he said: “The Area code process is not completed yet, but we are engaged and we want to have our own code, nationally. Although the lack of recognition has a lot to do with our limited technology, we are doing our best and we want to make great strides in technology and show the world that we are a great country.”

Speaking about Taiwan and its advance technology and its relationship with Somaliland, he said, “Taiwan is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of technology, mobile phones and laptops made in Taiwan, we plan to ask their help with that technology”

He called on the people of Somaliland in general to protect their peace, sovereignty and cause.

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