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Northern Parliamentary Elections continue in Mogadishu

MOGADISHU – (SD) Somalia’s Northern electoral commission (SEIT) has today held elections in Mogadishu for 5 parliamentary seats from the northern regions.

The election of the five seats took place at the General Kahiye Military Training Center in Mogadishu, and today’s election was different from previous elections, as all five seats were elected by show of hands from the voters.

The first seat in today’s election in Mogadishu, HOP 205, was won by Ahmed Abdi Koshin who received 99 votes by a landslide, following the forfeiting of his rival Muno Hussein Farah.

The second seat, HOP 263, was won again by Muse Said Jama, who had been holding the seat for the past four years, receiving 101 of the delegates’ votes, which is the highest number of votes a candidate can obtain. Khadra Abdi Mohamed was his opponent, but she also relinquished.

The third seat elected today in Mogadishu, HOP 240, was won by Ali Mohamud Aden, after the resignation of Mrs. Roda Mohamud Ahmed, and received a show of hands with 98 votes, with only 2 abstentions.

Ali Abdi Ibrahim won the fourth seat of HOP 271 today, after the resignation from the competition by his rival, Farhiya Obsiye Wais.

The fifth and last seat was HOP 241, which was won by Abdiqani Ismail Said, receiving 91 votes in favor and 9 abstentions. Ayaan Ismail Abdi was also competing for this seat, but she withdrew from the race.

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