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OLA: Ethiopia, Somaliland MoU posses threat to the Region

ADDIS ABABA (SD) -The Oromo Liberation Army (OLA), involved in the ongoing conflict with the Ethiopian government, has rejected the recent MoU between Abiy Ahmed and Muse Bihi.

In a released statement, the OLA spokesperson stated that the group opposes the agreement and considers it unacceptable. The OLA is concerned that the agreement poses a threat to the region and the longstanding relationship between the two communities.

The OLA further asserted that the Oromo people are in conflict with Abiy’s government, and the recent agreement with Somaliland adds to the complexities of the crises within Ethiopia, warranting international attention.

Additionally, the OLA expressed dissatisfaction with the agreement and characterized it as a violation of Somalia’s sovereignty.

Somaliland and Ethiopia recently reached an agreement that involves leasing a 20-kilometer stretch of Somaliland’s coastline to Ethiopia. Ethiopia is expected to recognize Somaliland as a result of this agreement, though this remains to be officially confirmed.

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