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Opposition says Hargeisa without water after millions of dollars investment

HARGEISA (SD) – Mohamed Sidiq Dhamme, Secretary of Social Affairs of the Wadani Party, says despite way over t $ 70 million dollar investment, Hargeisa water supply is inadequate.

Secretary explained who donated the $70 Million Hargeisa Water Supply thus far.

“Hargeisa urban water supply upgrading project (HUWSUP) $€15 million Euro + €1.5( UN-HABITAT ) =€16.5 Million Euro. Time 42 months Implemented  UN-HABITAT. €23.55 Million Euro from Germany federal government through KFW development bank.” the secretary’s statement said.

Adding “The first phase (SDF1) was implemented in 2013-2018 at a cost of $ 13,035,050 Million USD, with funding from the UK, Denmark, Norway and the Netherlands. The second phase (SDF2) for 2018-2023 is also funded by the same SDF for $ 3 million to drill 4 new water wells. :

The secretary claimed that Of €16.5 million from donors, the SDF added $ 8.6 million. Coca-Cola Africa foundation February 2017 donated $ 5 million to the Hargeisa Water Agency, and the project was witnessed by Qabyotire, Mohamud Hashi and Mohamed Darod. The project was co-sponsored by Teresa delay and the Hargeisa Water Agency.

Mr. Dhamme added that after the millions of dollars, Hargeisa is still has water shortages, the plan was for April 1st, 2022 Hargeisa to get water and test the pipes and reservoirs.

The Wadani Secretary says Hargeisa will remain thirsty as long as Kulmiye is in power.

Historically, Water in Hargeisa that does not reach opposition-supported areas and is seen as a sanction and political cronyism at its worst.

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