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Parliamentary Elections Continue in Barawe

BARAWE (SD) – Today in Barawe, the capital of the Southwest State of Somalia, elections for six seats in the 11th House of the People for the Federal Parliament have been elected.

The first seat in today’s election in Barawe, HOP 250, was contested by Ali Mohamed Sheikh and Abdalla Mohamed Sharif, and was won by Ali Mohamed Sheikh with 80 votes, whereas Abdalla Mohamed Sharif received 17 votes.

The second seat, HOP 160, was won by Mohamed Yusuf Hassan, the Minister of Education of the Southwest Administration, with 73 votes, while his opponent, Ali Abukar Mohamed, received 12 votes.

The third seat, HOP 173, was won by Abdifatah Abdullahi Araye, who received 73 votes, while his competitor, Abduwahab Ali Ahmed, received 16 votes.

The fourth seat, HOP 80, which has been held by Mohamed Omar Dalha for the past few years, was won by Aweys Hussein Maalim, who received 76 votes, while his contestant Mohamed Osman Jibril received 20 votes.

The fifth seat in today’s election in Barawe, HOP 155, was won again by Jawahir Adawe Abdi, who has been in the seat for the past four years, receiving 76 votes, while his rival Maria Mohamed received 14 votes.

The sixth seat, which was the last seat in today’s election, HOP 150, was won by Abdikadir Abdirahman Dhuure with 85 votes, while his contender Mohamed Ali Ibrahim received 5 votes.

Today’s election in Barawe follows the election of 7 seats in the parliament yesterday in Barawe, the capital of the Southwest State of Somalia.

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