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PM Hamze: over 2000 militants killed in four months

Mogadishu January 04, 2023 (SD) – The Prime Minister of Somalia, Hamse Abdi Barre today chaired a meeting to discuss the country’s security situation and the arms embargo on Somalia.

The Prime Minister confirmed at the meeting that more than 2,000 militants were killed in the last four months.

“Operations to eliminate Khawaarij groups have killed more than 2,000 Khawaarij militants in the past four months. The government will also strive to have the arms embargo on the country lifted,” said a statement from the office of the Prime Minister of Somalia, Xamse Cabdi Barre.

Today’s meeting also discussed a draft law for fighting the Al-Shabaab group and one dealing with Immigration and Nationality.

The attendees proposed the establishment of a committee that will work in lifting the country’s arms embargo this year.

This meeting came just as Al-Shabaab carried out two suicide bombings in the Maxaas district of the Hiiraan region early this morning, killing more than 15 people, mostly civilians.

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