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Puntland voter registration met with protest

Bossaso January 5, 2023 (SD) – The voter registration for the local council elections in the Bari, Karkar, and Gardafuu regions were launched in the city of Bossaso today, the capital of the Bari region.

The opening ceremony was attended by ministers from the Puntland government, the TPEC chairman, leaders of some political organizations, the Bari regional administration, and the Bossaso district administration.

Meanwhile, large protests against the one-person, one-vote election in Puntland took place in the city of Bossaso.

The protestors claimed that the election was forced and not welcomed by some political organizations, who opposed the way it was being conducted.

These protests coincide with the opening of voter registration in the Bari, Karkar, and Gardafuu regions today.

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