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PM Kheyre calls on Ministry of Health to implement new measures to control COVID 19

Mogadishu (SD) – The Prime Minister of the Federal Government of Somalia, Hassan Ali Kheyre presided over the COVID-19 National Conference held in Mogadishu last night.

In the meeting, several issues were discussed including community awareness of the virus, while more than 435 cases have been confirmed in the capital and other cities in the country.

These government programs have made efforts to educate the community and to understand the risks of how to prevent COVID -19, in order to reduce the spread of disease.

Prime Minister Hassan Ali Kheyre instructed the Ministry of Health of the federal government of Somalia to come up new methods with a comprehensive plan for all positive cases to provide urgent medical treatment.

Since the virus was reported in Somalia in mid-March, the government recorded 436 cases with 23 deaths.

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