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Poll agency says fate of Gedo elections lies with gov’t leaders

MOGADISHU (SD) – The elections to take place in Gedo region need a political agreement between Somali federal government and Jubbaland state, FIET said.

Speaking to the media, Chairperson of the disputed federal Electoral Commission, Mohamed Hassan Irro said Gedo crisis is a political one that needs to be amicably resolved.

“As the federal Election Commission, we welcome the proposals of Ahmed Madobe but for the Gedo issue, I can attest to you that it is a matter above our capacity which should be discussed between the government and the Jubaland Administration. They should later instruct us when to initiate the election process there,” he said.

He stated that the Commission remains ready to address the complaints of the Jubaland leader over the composition of the electoral body and will consider his “elderly advice”.

“As per the election agreement that we are acting upon, it stipulates that Ahmed Madobe is responsible for the elections in Gedo and Jubaland in general, but we can’t arrive at a solution regarding the political dispute in the Gedo region,” Mr Irro said.

The federal government of Somalia and Jubbaland state have been at loggerheads over the fate of Gedo region since early last year when federal forces were deployed in the region.

Forces loyal to Jubbaland state and the federal government troops clashed in March, killing several people including civilian.

The region which borders with Kenya also caused the relations between Somalia and Kenya to deteriorate and subsequently severed after Kenya allegedly hosted Jubbaland forces in Mandera, a border town with Somalia.

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