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President Bihi Addresses the Nation on Sanag Violence and COVID-19

Hargeisa (SD) – Somaliland President Muse Bihi Abdi on Wednesday talked about the recent escalation of violence in Fadhigaab region of Sanag region, the prevention of Covid1-19 and the ban on Kat.

Muse Bihi addressed the leaders of the warring clans in the Fadhigaab region of Sanag region and called for an end to the conflict, and said that much time has been spent in resolving the conflict in El-Afweyn areas, often unsuccessfully, but unfortunately the problem is renewed today.

The President spoke of seriousness of Covid-19 and how the community can prevent its spread, and called the public to stay in their homes to worship, and avoid public places and urged them to follow the advice of doctors and the Covid-19 prevention committee.

President Muse Bihi pointed out that his government has opened a fund for Covid-19’s, and has invested $ 3,000,000 (three million dollars) in government funding, redirecting from developmental projects. and government allowances.

He also urged businesses and business people to contribute their wealth and minds to the struggle against Covid-19, and to show compassion for their community.

Finally the President of Somaliland replies to Dr. Gobose’s accessions to the Somaliland government not banning Kat from Ethiopia.

Muse Bihi, who spoke on the matter, said that Kat could not be stopped by what he described as “an emotional”, but with a unified decision.

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