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Puntland Confirms its First COVID-19 Case

Garowe (SD) -The Puntland State Regional Government confirmed its first positive Coronavirus case today, the confirmed was one of two people recently tested and isolated.
The citizens who tested positive to virus did not apparently travel outside of the country, according to the Committee for the Prevention and Awareness of COVID-19.

Although the commission did not disclose the person’s whereabouts, sources confirmed that its a 33 year old person that never traveled outside of Garowe, the capital of Puntland.
Five new people have been quarantined today (19 April 2020) in Puntland, those people will be screened.

Puntland does not test patience in the region, even though the Ministry of Health recently announced that the UAE government has donated a laboratory for the disease. The testing is done in Mogadishu.

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