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Turkey Adds Somaliland to a list of “Countries” it sends Aid

Hargeisa (SD) – The Turkish government has added Somaliland to the list of the countries it is helping in their fight against COVID-19, according to the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA).

The Turkish government said 34 of the countries seeking help with the fight against COVID-19 including Somaliland received the medical aid this week.
Somaliland’s Health Minister accepting the Turkish medical aid, thanked TIKA and the Turkish people for their support and said it will help Somaliland in fighting the COVID-19 apedimemic.
“I wish for the (Somaliland) health ministry to defeat coronavirus and be successful against it,” Turkey’s consul general in the capital Hargeisa, Ali Noyan Coşkun, expressed.

The Turkish aid which is predominantly cleaning and hygiene equipment, they will be dispatched to 12 of the countries state Hospitals and six temporary Hospitals.

Its the first time Turkey has provided aid to Somaliland as an independent country, and its not clear why the sudden change.

Somalia government a close ally of Turkey is bound to be upset about the move, but is yet to address the issue.

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