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President Bihi’s first visit to Erigavo met with protest

ERIGAVO (SD) – Somaliland President Muse Bihi Abdi has today arrived in Erigavo the capital of Sanaag region by air.

The members of the President’s delegation include the Speaker of the House of Elders Suleman Gaal and the Speaker of the House of Representatives Abdirizak Khalif.

The president and his entourage met with members of the Warsengeli community who are attending a conference in Erigavo, and hoped that it would produce results that would benefit the community and the nation.

On the other hand, some residents of Erigavo town opposed the president’s visit and could be seen peacefully protesting against the president’s delegation.

Protestors chanted “President the region wants nothing to do with you.” And other words against the president.

Some of those who were protesting also took off their shoes and pointed at the president’s delegation, while others blew the whistles, the Wadani Party candidate call for protest.

The president’s visit was also overshadowed by pictures of him wearing a bulletproof vest in a peaceful region in Somaliland.

The trip also coincided with an electoral dispute in the country, were opposition supporters stage a prodemocracy rally, that turned violent after police attacked protesters in Hargeisa few days ago.

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