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Somali forces kill 10 Al-Shabaab militants in Qabdho

MATABAN (SD) – Heavy fighting between Somali military forces backed by local militias and Al Shabaab fighters broke out in Qabdho area of Mataban district in Hiran region.

The military and allied militias attacked Qabdho area where Al Shabaab fighters were stationed, causing many casualties.

Commander of the Armed Forces General Odowa Yusuf Rage told state media that at least 10 Al Shabaab fighters were killed and their weapons confiscated.

General Odowa said that the purpose of the operation in Qabdho area was to prevent Al Shabaab plots and to alleviate the suffering on local communities in the area.

The situation is now calm, and residents say the troops have returned to their bases after the operation.

Al-Shabaab has not yet commented on the operation, which Somali government forces claimed to have killed at least 10 militants.

The operation follows as Hiran regional administration has recently declared war on Al Shabaab militants who have besieged several districts in Hiran region.

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