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Somaliland Government Arrests Opposition Politician

GABILEY (SD) A member of the opposition party Wadani, Mohamed Abdullahi (Bookh), was arrested last night in Gabiley.

The reason for his arrest is still not yet confirmed by the police.

The Secretary of State for Trade, Tourism, and Industry Hamse Abdirahman Khayre, made remarks on his Facebook page on the arrest of Bookh.

“I condemn in the strongest terms the illegal imprisonment of Mohamed Abdullahi in his place of business in Gabiley. Few days ago, a tank truck owned by Mohamed Bookh was seized by the government for unknown reasons and it was later released after a struggle,” said Hamse Khayre on Facebook.

He added in the post, “I knew Bookh’s arrest was imminent (and I told him to expect it) following a meeting he had with the Somaliland President, asking him to work with the government, which he rejected.”

Hamse Khayre stated that there are critical issues in the region, including the Presidential Palace extracting millions of taxpayers funds from the district of Gabiley.

Khayre, urged the government to release the detainee as soon as possible and to provide an explanations in his arrest.

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