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President Cagjar assesses Jigjiga market fire

Jigjiga July 08, 2023 (SD) -The President of the Somali Regional State in Ethiopia, Mr. Mustafa Mohammed Omar (Cagjar), along with officials from both federal and regional levels, visited the Jigjiga market yesterday, which was recently burned down by a fire.

Mustafa Cagjar personally assessed the extensive damage caused by the fire in various sections of the Jigjiga market.

He witnessed significant destruction and expressed his condolences to the affected traders and shop owners.

The President has promised to address the urgent needs of the people affected by the fire, stating that the government will provide support and assistance to all those affected by the market blaze.

The fire incident in Jigjiga city market has resulted in substantial property damage, causing significant economic losses for the affected individuals.

Efforts are underway to provide immediate relief to those affected and begin the process of rebuilding and supporting the affected traders.

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