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President Deni calls on SSC-Khatumo to join Puntland

Garowe August 03, 2023 (SD) – The President of the Puntland Regional State, Said Abdullahi Deni, has called on SSC-Khatumo to join Puntland.

President Deni made these remarks during the 25th-anniversary celebration of Puntland’s establishment. He emphasized the need for the people of SSC to unite with Puntland to contribute to the greater Somali cause.

Deni’s speech touched on various aspects of community development. Some SSC politicians interpreted Deni’s words as being dismissive or discouraging the establishment of a viable SSC administration. Rather, he expressed his desire for unity.

Furthermore, Puntland’s Vice President, Ahmed Karash, urged for the restoration of unity within SSC-Khatumo leadership, emphasizing the need for a fresh start.

The Vice President of Puntland emphasized the importance of inclusive development efforts, where the priority is to uplift leadership and ensure they are properly supported.

Ahmed Karash is among those who believe in the establishment of SSC-Khatumo. He previously served as the President of Khatumo in 2012, prior to eventually aligning with Puntland after a period of separation.

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