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President Deni re-elected for a historic second term

GAROWE (SD) -Said Abdullahi Deni has become the newly elected President of Puntland, following today’s elections in the state capital city of Garowe.

Deni secured the majority of votes in the election, defeating 11 other candidates, including the runner-up Guuleed Saalax.

Deni made history with a second term as President of Puntland.

In addition, Ilyaas Osman Lugatoor was elected as the Vice President of Puntland in a subsequent round of elections.

Lugatoor emerged victorious after a challenge from 11 other candidates vying for the position.

The Federal Government of Somalia has sent its congratulations to President Siciid Cabdullaahi Deni on his reelection, praising his leadership.

The Federal Government of Somalia expressed its hope that the newly elected President fulfills his duties responsibly and contributes to the progress and stability of Somalia, calling for unity among the people, candidates, and the Puntland Parliament to facilitate the crucial task of advancing the country’s governance.

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