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The Presidents of the Federal Member States address the rift between the Federal Leaders

Mogadishu (SD) – The leaders of the country’s regional administrations met over Zoom last night and discussed the tense situation between President Farmajo and Prime Minister Roble.

The meeting focused on the deepening rift between the two top officials in the country.

The presidents of the country’s regional administrations have called on the two leaders to stop issuing contradictory letters from their offices, to abide by the Country’s Constitution and to end the bitter dispute between the two leaders.

“Resolve any differences through dialogue, and stop issuing statements that inflame differences. Also, consider and act on the Provisional Constitution of the Federal Government of Somalia.” Said a released joint statement.

Adding “That the case of Ikraan Tahliil Farah be investigated through the country’s legal process, independent and by the relevant authorities.”

The Presidents of the Federal Member States said they are saddened by the recurring divisions of the Federal Institutions of Somalia which do not serve the national interest, and could lead to instability, insecurity and delay in Somalia’s long awaited elections.

“The Presidents call on the Technical Electoral Commissions of the two levels (FEIET and SIEIT) to fulfill their responsibilities in accordance with the electoral procedures signed on 22 August 2021.” Said a released joint statement.

Adding “The Presidents call on the Somali people as a whole to work together for stability, and that the country hold free and fair elections so that the country would prosper in all aspects.”

State leaders have called on the international community to support the country’s election efforts.

“The Presidents call on the International Community to expedite technical and financial support for the implementation of the elections.” Said the regional state presidents.

The statement of the Presidents of the Federal Member States comes a day after President Farmajo issued an order suspending PM Roble’s powers, and the PM dismissing the order.

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