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President Farmajo: “There is an uprise for Unity in the North”

Mogadishu (SD) – Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo attends the June 26th Commemoration Ceremony congratulates all Somalis on the 61st Anniversary of the Independence Day of the Northern Regions.

Farmajo delivers a speech at the June 26th celebrations, a day the struggle for independence was realized and the first day the Somali flag is hoisted on free Somali territory, highlighting the history of the country’s struggle for independence, praising the Somali people in the Northern Regions for their role in the struggle for independence and unity of the Somali people.

“The struggle against colonialism and the quest for Somalia has been spearheaded by the Northern Regions. The independence movements that have sprung up in these regions have led to the independence and unity of Somalia. It is noteworthy that the Darawish struggle for independence and the role of SNL in the liberation of the Northern Regions was similar to the role of SYL in the independence of the Southern Regions. ”said the President.

President Farmajo also said in his speech that there were unity movements in the North.

“There is a strong unity movement in Somalia led by the young people of the North. The Northerners are patriots. An example is Sayid Mohamed who fought for independence for 21 years. Young people from the north have met with me and they have traveled the world. They are really doing a good job.” Said Farmajo.

Farmajo urged the Somali people to preserve their sovereignty, unity and history, calling on the brothers in the Northern Regions to take the lead in uniting the Somali people.

“Sovereignty is a challenge for those who get it, which requires sustainability and fruitfulness. We must protect it, we must protect it together and in unity. Our ancestors died for our freedom and we must take care of it, preparing for future generations and a better life. ”

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