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Somalia: Buuloburte more residents evacuate due to floods

BUULABURTE-The Shabelle River has significantly flooded the low-lying neighborhoods in the district of Buuloburte in the Hiran region.

Districts such as Bag Abeeso and Buulabari have been severely affected by the recent flooding, with Bag Abeeso being particularly impacted. The neighborhood of Indhaceel, which was the first to experience the overflow of water, has also been heavily affected.

Families residing in these areas, facing a repeated threat to their livelihoods, have been evacuating their homes. They have sought refuge in higher grounds within the city, fearing the inundation of the surrounding land.

The district of Buulaburte in the Hiran region has been grappling with frequent flooding, and this year, the waters from the Shabelle River have reached unprecedented levels, causing widespread concern.

The rising waters have raised apprehensions about potential health issues, as the previous flooding led to a significant outbreak of waterborne diseases.

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