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President Hassan Sheikh pledges to eliminate Al Shabaab in 5months

Mogadishu August 18, 2023 (SD) – The President of Somalia, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, stated that the government plans to eliminate al-Shabaabwithin 5 months. The President made these remarks during a meeting with the public held in Dhusamareeb, where he discussed various issues.

The President mentioned that the government had devised a comprehensive strategy to achieve victory over Al-Shabaab in three phases, spread out over five months.

He emphasized that the government will either eradicate or significantly weaken al-Shabaab and confront them in areas where they still have a presence.

President Hassan Sheikh also outlined that his strategy involves the government making further improvements from the lessons learned from the previous phase of confrontation with the terrorists.

He noted that the government is determined to secure the newly recovered cities and neighborhoods. He has now initiated efforts to clear the landmines to create an environment where the government forces can effectively counterattack.

The most critical challenge of the ongoing conflict is that al-Shabaab is regrouping in new previously peaceful areas, posing a substantial threat.

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