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Somalia: SNA and locals liberate Wabxo in Galgaduud

Mogadishu August 21, 2023 (SD) – The Somali National Army, supported by local forces, successfully launched an operation yesterday to liberate the Wabxo area in Galgaduud region from the significant presence of Al-Shabaab militants. The town of Wabxo, situated 46km from Ceelbuurna, was a strategically important location for Al-Shabaab.

Deputy Minister of Information for the Somali government, Abdurahman Yusuf Al-cadaala, confirmed that the combined forces effectively cleared Wabxo and other areas from the militants. Al-Shabaab had controlled these regions for a considerable period.

The government and local forces have established a new front that is making significant progress, focusing on securing main supply routes and agricultural lands in the areas bordering the Lower Shabelle and Galgaduud regions. This is a crucial offensive that aims to weaken the insurgents’ power and regain control over the central towns.

The ongoing military operation emphasizes the need for a comprehensive strategy to avoid indiscriminate conflict in densely populated areas, striving to minimize civilian casualties and damage to urban centers. The previous urban operations resulted in widespread destruction and displacement, which the insurgents exploited for their gains. This was a significant setback that challenged the military’s plans.

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